Get Involved

  • Email us at, or
  • Call us at 518-860-9896
  • Start by submitting the Schenectady Neighborhood Watch Application
  • Contact us to find out about the next training opportunities coming up
  • Attend our Captains’ Meetings. Open to the public on the first Tuesday of each month, Schenectady City Hall, Room 110, 7:00PM

Train with the “Pros” in Public Safety

Every police officer and firefighter receives thousands of hours of training to deal with emergency and abnormal situations. The average citizen receives little or none. You may be confronted with the same emergency or abnormal life situation. You can help prepare yourself, your family, your friends, your neighbors and fellow workers to react, until the professionals arrive on the scene.

Through initial training and recurrent training by attending monthly Neighborhood Watch meetings and annual training events you can be prepared to deal with modern life in a city. Become a trained observer and aid the public safety professionals in improving your quality of life.

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